Air Conditioning, Greenville, SC

Air Conditioning System Installation in Greenville, SC

Air Conditioning Greenville SCAt Energy Sharks, we are pleased to be the air conditioning experts that Greenville, South Carolina residents can turn to when their system is in need of an upgrade. After all, if your air conditioning system is broken or running inefficiently, it can be a great source of relief to know that you have a reputable Trane® dealer in your area who can work with you to keep your home at the comfortable temperature you desire year round.

One of our top priorities at Energy Sharks is to ensure that our customers in the Greenville, SC area have the right kind of air conditioning installed on their home. Our president is a degreed engineer and we take a system-wide approach to our HVAC design to make sure that the homeowner is able to get the most out of their system. This is extremely important because, if you buy an A/C unit that is too high powered, your ductwork might not be able to handle the output capacity, or if you buy a system that is too small, the unit might have to work extra hard to cool your house, driving up costs. With Energy Sharks, however, you can be sure that we’ll match you with the Trane® system that will work best in your home.

Here are a few other benefits to working with Energy Sharks:

  • Our team will walk you through the installation process, provide you a timeline for the entire project, and accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Once the job is done, we’ll be glad to help you fill out warranty information and apply for available tax credits as well as credits from the various utility companies.
  • We stand by our work and will provide a one-year labor warranty on your new air conditioning unit. So, if you install the system in December, you can be sure that when the summer months ramp up your system will operate as it should – guaranteed.

To learn more about the air conditioning systems we have available, and for information about the specific benefits to the Trane® family of products, contact Energy Sharks today. We’re standing by to answer any questions that you might have.

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