Have Your Central Air Conditioning in Greenville, SC Inspected, Repaired, or Replaced with the Help of Energy Sharks

Central Air Conditioning Greenville SCIf the central air conditioning in your Greenville, South Carolina home has been malfunctioning, you’ll want to count on the experts at Energy Sharks to assist you. As a licensed mechanical contractor, Energy Sharks can address any issues that arise with a heating and air conditioning system. For instance, one issue we’re thoroughly experienced with is “hot houses,” which refers to when certain rooms or sections of a home always stay too warm regardless of which temperature the AC is set at.

When homeowners in Greenville who are experiencing hot rooms or other problems with their central air conditioning call us, we recommend having our experts perform an inspection. During this process, we:

  • Examine the return vents in the home to ensure they have the right airflow capacity for the heating and cooling system
  • Inspect the ductwork, filtration components, and heating and cooling elements of the system
  • Determine whether the heating and cooling system is truly compatible with the home

Contact Energy Sharks today to learn more about how we can ensure the central air conditioning system in your Greenville, SC home is running as smoothly as possible. Whether your home has rooms that are unable to cool down due to incorrectly sized return ductwork limiting the airflow capacity, or your heater and air conditioning system is showing clear signs of damage, we’ll use our engineering expertise and years of experience to find the right solution.