Homeowners Who Need Furnace Repair Services in Greenville, SC Can Count on the Experienced Technicians at Energy Sharks

Furnace Greenville SCHas the furnace in your Greenville, South Carolina home begun malfunctioning? If so, Energy Sharks can help. We’re a licensed mechanical contractor that strives to ensure homeowners have a fully functioning furnace in their home and that its heating elements, as well as ductwork and filtration components, are all working together perfectly.

If you’re unsure whether the furnace in your Greenville home needs to be repaired or replaced, consider whether you’ve noticed any of the following:

  • Pooling water near your heating and air conditioning system – While this could just be due to condensation, it could also mean that your drain is clogged or you need a repair on the humidifier or heat exchanger.
  • The smell of gas – This is particularly dangerous because a leaking gas valve could result in an accidental fire. If you notice the smell of gas (a rotten egg smell) coming from your furnace or any other signs of a gas leak, you should turn off the gas supply valve, have everyone leave the home (including yourself), and call 911 right away. Do not use a cell phone until you are outside and away from the leaking furnace, and do not use any other source of ignition (flashlight, light switch, etc.) near the suspected leak. Also, contact your utility company immediately.
  • Poor airflow – If you’ve noticed that air is barely coming out of your vents when your heater is on, it could be due to something relatively simple, such as a broken fan, or a bigger problem, like a malfunctioning motor.

The issues above are only some of the signs of a damaged furnace. The knowledgeable technicians at Energy Sharks can help examine other indications that your heater is experiencing problems, figure out what exactly is wrong, and determine the best solution for your system.

To stop worrying about the furnace in your Greenville, SC home, schedule an appointment with one of the technicians at Energy Sharks. We can inspect your furnace, discuss the issues you’re experiencing, and help you learn about the different ways we can repair your heater.