Heat Repair, Greenville, SC

Those Looking for a Heat Repair Contractor in Greenville, SC Should Contact Energy Sharks Today

Heat Repair Greenville SCHere at Energy Sharks, we know that heat repair is a crucial service for homeowners to have access to in Greenville, South Carolina area. With the average low during winter being 30°F, you don’t want to have a heating system that will leave you out in the cold during those chilly months. If you’ve been looking for a heat repair contractor you can depend on, Energy Sharks is the company to call. As a licensed mechanical contractor, Energy Sharks combines technical knowledge of HVAC systems with engineering expertise when taking on a heat repair job. This allows us to adopt a system-wide approach towards any unit we install or repair, meaning we inspect:

  • Ductwork – If your ductwork isn’t allowing enough air to travel from your heater into your home, you won’t feel warm no matter how powerful your unit is. Also, if your ducts aren’t properly hooked up to your unit and are causing air to escape, you could be facing expensive energy bills. Unlike heat repair contractors who might only focus on fixing one specific problem, Energy Sharks will evaluate the different components of your unit to ensure every element is working properly.
  • Insulation and energy use reduction – Aside from providing heat repair services, we can also perform an 18-point inspection for homeowners who want to make their homes more energy-efficient. This inspection includes checking for any cracks that may be allowing cold outside air into, or heated air out of, your home.

If you’re in need of a heat repair contractor or would like to learn more about the services Energy Sharks provides to homes in the Greenville, SC area, contact us today.