ac & heating maintenaceWhen it comes to AC and heating maintenance Simpsonville homeowners can trust, Energy Sharks is the superior choice. With a focus on significant reductions in client energy consumption and cost, our HVAC technicians are experts in efficiency. Here is everything we can do for you.

AC Maintenance

Summers are a great way to escape the cold winters, but if you don’t have a working AC, you’ll be wishing it was January. Luckily, Energy Sharks offers annual air conditioning tune-ups. An annual AC tune-up is what you want if you want to make your AC as energy efficient as possible and to prolong the life of your unit. If you find yourself in need of air conditioning maintenance, we can help with that, too. If your AC needs work, we’ll send out one of our skilled technicians to perform high-quality AC maintenance on your unit.

HVAC Maintenance

At Energy Sharks, HVAC maintenance is what we live and breathe, so you can be sure we are the best company in upstate South Carolina to help you with your HVAC troubles. We’re also here to help you prevent HVAC problems with annual HVAC tune-ups. Our trustworthy technicians will help you extend the life of your HVAC unit and repair any problems you might be having with it.

Heating Maintenance

When temperatures drop, Energy Sharks offers heating maintenance to make sure you aren’t left in the cold. Whether your need a heater repair or an annual heating tune-up, our expert technicians will be out there ASAP to bring back the heat.

Heat Pump Maintenance

If you’re having troubles with your heat pump, we can send out one of our skilled technicians to perform regular heat pump maintenance on your system. We can also perform a yearly heat pump tune-up. Annual tune-ups will keep your unit energy efficient and will give it a longer life-span.

Furnace Maintenance

Are you having problems with your gas furnace and you’re just not sure what to do? Energy Sharks can also help you with furnace maintenance. If a gas furnace tune-up is what you need, we can help with that, too. So, when it comes to gas furnace maintenance or a new gas furnace, you know who to call – Energy Sharks.