Blown-In Insulation in Greenville

Drafty home giving you the chills? Not with blown in insulation! Call today!

To create a protective bubble of warmth, blown in insulation has become a popular choice for homeowners. This type of insulation is the most effective way to seal up your home and isolate your living areas from the cold.

We want you to stay cozy and sickness-free this winter! Energy Sharks Heating & Air offers blown in cellulose insulation at a competitive price. We hold high standards and deliver quick work to get your home cozy as soon as possible. Whether you’re in the process of building a new home, or you want to upgrade your current insulation, we can help in Greenville, SC.

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Is Spray Foam a Better Choice for Insulation?

Traditional insulation is that cotton-candy-like lining behind your walls and in your ceiling. This fibrous fluff is made from a variety of materials including fiberglass, closed cell foam, and in some cases, asbestos. It’s not great to breathe around and it can even cut your skin if you touch it bare-handed.

In damp or humid environments, regular rolled insulation breaks down and corrodes away. Leaving your home cold and prone to bacteria and mold. Spray foam insulation is a big advancement in technology and is becoming a top pick for insulation.

Climate Control with an Airtight Seal

Rolled fiberglass insulation is tricky to install in tight spaces like corners and around obstacles. This means a tight seal from wall to wall is nearly impossible. This leaves your home vulnerable to heat or cold escaping and entering without your permission (and messing with your ideal temperature).

Blown in insulation is sprayed in, allowing you to protect every nook and cranny. Better coverage means you’ll have more power over the temperature inside and less energy waste. An airtight seal will create the best environment control you can get!

Is It Time to Replace Your Insulation?

Your insulation is kind of shy. It likes to stay hidden—which means knowing its condition can be tricky. Here are a few guidelines that help us decide if you’re a candidate for new insulation:

  • Are you able to regulate your indoor temperature?
  • Are your energy bills through the roof?
  • Does your home get drafty on windy days?
  • Are the walls and floors in your home cold to the touch?
  • Does ice form on your roof?
  • How old is your home’s insulation?

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