Heat Pump Services in Greenville

Start saving money on your heating and cooling now! Call for heat pump installation by the pros!

Is heating and cooling draining your wallet each year? Want to take a bite out of high energy costs and inefficiency? Energy Sharks Heating & Air has an innovative solution for climate control in Greenville, SC.

Heat pumps are one of the late, great improvements in the HVAC industry for homeowners. Not only do they warm your home in the winter, but they cool you off when summer comes knocking. Heat pumps are quiet, compact, and quick to install. You can be on your way to comfortable temperatures in a hurry, and you’ll lower your energy expenses in the meantime!

Is this your home’s first heating system? Congrats! We can help with ductwork installation!

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heating and cooling? What a novel idea! But how exactly does it work? Heat pumps are incredibly efficient because of the way they change the indoor air temperature. Instead of creating hot air, heat pumps pull heat energy that already exists in the outside air or ground. This heat energy is then transferred into your home.

Heat pumps do the same thing in the summer, but by pulling the heat energy out of your home to make it cool. The heat pump process is quick, resulting in a highly productive system. It’s one of the best options on the market if you’re looking for savings.

What Are the Advantages?

There are a number of benefits you’ll experience when you have a heat pump installed in your home. Here are just a few that make our customers smile:

  • Can cool and heat throughout the year
  • Much more efficient than a conventional AC
  • Lower energy bills when operating
  • No ductwork needed
  • Easier and less invasive installation

Maintaining Longevity and Warmth

Heat pumps, if installed correctly, can last for about 15 years. But the key to extending the life of your heat pump relies on proper maintenance. No matter what brand or style you have, expect to get a check up on your system once per year.

An annual inspection will keep your equipment working in peak condition. It will also prevent you from an emergency late night call to a heater repair company. Energy Sharks Heating & Air can service your heat pump in Greenville, SC today. We’ll make sure its reliable and efficient!

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