Home Insulation, Greenville, SC

Home Insulation Options Available in Greenville, SC

Home Insulation - Greenville SCIf you are in the market for new insulation for your home in Greenville, South Carolina, turn to the professionals at Energy Sharks. We specialize in designing custom insulation solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Perfect for homes of just about any size, style, or design, we’re bound to have the home insulation you need to improve your overall energy efficiency. Whether you are concerned with how much money you spend on your electric bills, you are mindful of your carbon footprint, are looking for a responsible way to improve the value of your home, or all of the above, investing in our insulation is a great option.

When it comes to home insulation, we offer two main products: blown in insulation and radiant barrier insulation. These products are popular options because they work in tandem, offering unbeatable energy efficiency when installed together. That’s because they combat the three types of heat flow that impact the home most:

  • Conductive heat
  • Convective heat
  • Radiant heat

Specifically, blown in fiberglass insulation is extremely effective because it absorbs and slows conduction and convection while radiant barrier insulation reflects radiant heat. So what does this mean for your home, exactly? For starters, by preventing heat transfer, it is much easier to keep the temperature of the home at the consistent, comfortable temperature you prefer. And, because the HVAC unit doesn’t have to work so hard to regulate the home’s temperature, energy costs are kept low and consistent. In this way, investing in new home insulation can prove to be an excellent long-term investment.

At Energy Sharks, we pride ourselves on helping our customers drastically improve the energy efficiency of their homes. To learn more about the benefits to installing new insulation in your Greenville, SC, home, contact us today. We’d also be happy to schedule a comprehensive energy audit of your property to determine the ways in which we can help you improve the performance of your home. In addition to insulation installation, we also specialize in HVAC installation, AC repair, solar panel design, and more.