Attic Insulation, Greer, SC

Attic Insulation Installation in Greer, SC

Attic InsulationAt Energy Sharks, we specialize in installing a number of attic insulation products, each of which are designed to help improve the overall energy efficiency of homes in Greer, and across South Carolina. We understand how important it is to limit energy waste in the home and are committed to providing our customers with custom solutions that are designed to help inhibit costly heat transfer. Whether you’re fed up with your skyrocketing heating and cooling bills, you’d like it to be easier to keep your home at a consistent temperature throughout the year, or you simply want to take the steps needed to make your home more eco-friendly, our attic insulation is a great place to start.

One of the reasons that attic insulation is so important in the home is that the attic is one of the most common places for heat gain and loss to occur. When a home is under-insulated, heat has a tendency to escape through the roof during the winter and enter the home in the hot summer months. More troubling still is that many homeowners don’t know that their home isn’t equipped with sufficient insulation. To help address this problem, the team at Energy Sharks offers several attic insulation products, including:

  • Blown in insulation – Our fiberglass insulation product is used with batting and installed in the attic to help slow down conductive and convective heat flow. The more blown in insulation that you have in the attic, the more heat is absorbed.
  • Reflective insulation – We feature reflective barrier insulation from eShield™ which is unique in that it actually reflects the heat that it comes in contact with in the attic. This product is especially effective against radiant heat transfer, which is actually the leading cause of home energy waste.

What’s more, we also offer a number of other compelling energy-efficient products beyond our attic insulation options. Investing in solar attic fans, solar hybrid water heaters, solar panels, or air sealing in the attic all can help bring down energy consumption in the home.

To learn more about the attic insulation we offer, as well as our other products and services, contact us today.  We proudly serve homeowners in Greer, and across South Carolina.