Solar Attic Fan, Greer, SC

Solar Attic Fan Installation for Homeowners in Greer, SC

Solar Attic Fan Greenville SCFor a solar attic fan that can help reduce the overall energy consumption of your home, turn to the energy efficiency experts at Energy Sharks. Nobody does solar power better than us, and if you live in Greer, or any nearby area in South Carolina, we have the proven products and installation experience necessary to ensure your home is as energy smart as possible. Our solar attic fan options are effective at preventing the air in your attic from reaching superheated temperatures. As a result, the temperature in your home is more easily controlled because there is no threat of heat transferring into the home from the attic.

One of the surest ways to send your energy bills skyrocketing is by forcing your HVAC system to work overtime. If left untreated, the air that gets trapped inside your attic can reach temperatures in excess of 150 degrees, and this heat can be transferred through your ceiling and cause the temperature inside your home to rise. This hot air can also raise the temperature of the cold air flowing through your ducts. As a result, your HVAC unit must work harder to ensure that your home remains cool, which can end up costing you a bundle in utility charges.

However, a solar attic fan from Energy Sharks can help end that process and make your home more efficient by:

  • Using high efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels to power a whisper-quiet fan
  • Pulling in air from outside of your home through soffits below the roof’s edge
  • Evacuating the hot air that can collect in your attic
  • Creating consistent air changes in your attic to reduce the temperature

If you would like additional information about how a solar attic fan can provide relief from soaring home temperatures and energy costs, contact Energy Sharks today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our solar attic fans, solar panels, solar water heater options, and other solar power solutions. We proudly serve Greer, and all neighboring cities in SC.