Solar System Design

Solar System Design and Installation Services in Greenville, Spartanburg & Beyond

Solar System Design Greenville SCAt Energy Sharks, we specialize in solar system design and installation services throughout the Greater Upstate region of South Carolina as well as Western North Carolina. Our highly trained and experienced professionals know what it takes to design custom solutions that help area homeowners in Greenville and Spartanburg capture the energy of the sun to meet their specific needs. No matter if you’re tired of wasting money on monthly electric bills, you’re interested in reducing your overall energy consumption, or you’re simply trying to make your home a little more eco-friendly, we can help.

In recent years, as energy prices have continued to skyrocket, the popularity of solar power and other alternative energy methods has grown substantially. At Energy Sharks, we proudly offer numerous options for homeowners to consider, including:

  • Custom solar panels – Our technicians analyze the current energy consumption of the home in order to develop a solar panel system that may even eliminate the monthly electricity bill altogether. Plus, these panels often qualify for state and federal tax incentives.
  • Solar water heaters – We offer the several brands of hybrid water heaters, including the GE GeoSpring, that use heat in the garage or attic crawl space to warm water in your home. This is a particularly and cost-effective compelling alternative to relying on electricity to power a water heater.
  • Solar attic fans – Our attic fans are designed to improve the ventilation of the attic by preventing air from becoming stagnant and superheated in the attic area above the ceiling in the home. By improving circulation and removing this hot air, the temperature in the attic is significantly lowered.  This means less super-heated air finds its way into the home which lowers the burden from the home’s HVAC system that has to struggle to keep the home cool and comfortable.

Regardless of how you’d like to use solar power in your home, you can trust that our solar system design and installation team has the perfect solution. To learn more about all of our products and hear about our installation process, contact us today.