Special Offers

Energy Sharks is proud to offer the following clean air options to veterans and seniors.
When you install a new heating and cooling system with Energy Sharks, included with our already low prices is your choice of one of the following clean air options ($695 value):

Choose from a:
Whole House High-Efficiency Air Filtration System
A 5” inch thick pleated filter and an easy access metal filter box for superior filtration of even the smallest particles of dust, dirt, spores and pollen throughout your entire house. It eliminates your existing filters and under normal conditions only has to be changed once a year.

or a

A High Output ultraviolet (UV-C) Germicidal Lamp
As found in hospital clean rooms, the lamp is installed inside your AC ductwork can safely disinfect and protect against bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, and foul odors that collect on your air conditioner coil and are spread through your ductwork and into your house. You’ve no doubt smelled these contaminants before. Remember how it smelled the first time you turned on your heat for the winter? What you smelled is some of those contaminants being burned off your coil!

Special Offers

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