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Are you experiencing reduced airflow throughout your home? Does it feel as if your air conditioning unit isn’t operating at full capacity? There are many components that must work optimally for your central AC system to function properly, and when something fails, you want it fixed right away, especially when Mother Nature turns up the heat. Call Energy Sharks Heating & Air today!

From troubleshooting an AC problem to providing professional evaporator coil repair, our team has your cooling needs covered.

What Is an Air Handler?

Your air conditioning system relies on the air handler to move the air through your ducts. When this unit becomes clogged, or the filters become dirty, the airflow becomes restricted and the whole system’s efficiency is compromised. That’s why it’s essential to perform routine maintenance not only on your air handler but on your entire AC system.

Common Air Handler Problems

While many things can go wrong with your AC system’s air handler, the most common problem is the failing of the blower motor. The blower motor is the heart of the air handler, and keeps the air circulating. If you’re not getting the airflow out of your AC system, then it’s time to call in a professional to evaluate your system and recommend a repair or air handler replacement.

Another issue that affects air handlers is clogged or dirty filters. With any AC system, you must maintain the filters otherwise you’re putting unnecessary strain on the system by restricting airflow. Also, dirty air filters often mean dirty air blowing back into the home, which can cause respiratory issues or allergies to flare up. Lastly, when your air filters are clogged, it causes the system to work harder, which means you’re spending more on energy than you need.

If you’ve never inspected or maintained your AC system’s filters, call in an experienced specialist to make sure your system is clean and running efficiently.

Lastly, if your air handler is in the attic, you need to be aware that it will need routine service because condensation lines can become clogged with algae and other contaminants.

All of these air handler repair services are best performed by qualified, expert air conditioning specialists. These experts know exactly what to look for and how to fix it quickly to get your system running at optimum level.

How To Know When Your Air Handler Needs Repair

  • Odd Noises – If you start to hear grinding, whining, or other strange noises coming from your home’s ductwork, it may be a sign that your blower motor in your air handler is going bad.
  • Leaking Condensate Pan – When it’s hot outside, your AC unit works overtime to keep your house cool, which means there’s quite a lot of condensation that forms in the condensate pan. If this buildup isn’t emptied, algae can build up and clog the lines. If you see any moisture pooling around your air handler, it could be sign that it requires maintenance.
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality – If you’ve noticed an uptick in breathing problems with you or your family members, or if your allergies seem to be getting worse, it could indicate that your air handler’s filters are clogged and in need of replacement or cleaning.

If you notice any of these problems or anything else seems wrong with your AC system, please call us right away for an evaluation.

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