Air Conditioning Repair, Greenville, SC

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We have a few tips to let you know when you should call for Greenville, SC air conditioning repair.

Are you frustrated because your air conditioner keeps going out during the hottest months of the year?  Are your employees miserable because they have to sit in a hot office all day with fans running to keep cool?  During the winter, it’s easy to overlook air conditioner maintenance, but when spring and summer start to warm things up outside, suddenly air conditioning repair becomes a priority. At Energy Sharks, we have a few tips to let you know when you should call us for air conditioning repair or maintenance.

  • Foul Odors – When you turn your air conditioning unit on and it makes your home or office smell terrible, this is a good indicator that something isn’t working properly. Your air conditioner should blow clean air without smelling bad, so make sure you call to have it repaired.
  • Poor Air Flow – Does your air conditioner blow air, but it seems weak? You may have a failing compressor or duct issues. Air conditioning repair is the best way to correct this issue.
  • Blowing Hot Air – If your air conditioner makes you hotter instead of cooling you off because it’s blowing hot air, make sure to give us a call at Energy Sharks. We can diagnose and repair this issue, so you will have cool air again.
  •  Unusual Sounds – If it sounds like your unit could break down at any minute because it is squealing, grinding or clanking, this could indicate something inside the unit is broken. Make sure to call for air conditioning repair, so you don’t have to buy a new unit in the near future.

Of course, if one or all of these problems occur, our team at Energy Sharks can make recommendations for air conditioning repair or replacement, so you get the most out of your HVAC system. We are proud to offer Trane air conditioning products that are energy efficient and will save you money. If your air conditioner is giving you signs that something is wrong, give us a call at Energy Sharks today. We are happy to assist you!

At Energy Sharks Heating and Air, we offer air conditioning repair services in Greenville, Mauldin, Greer, Spartanburg, Simpsonville, Boiling Springs, Fountain Inn, and Taylors, South Carolina.

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