Ductless Mini Split AC Installation in Simpsonville & Greenville, SC

Need a more efficient way to cool your home? Consider a ductless mini split system!

Do you need heating and cooling for a small room or area? Is a whole-home central air conditioning system too much for your needs? Is the cost of a central AC system overwhelming? Let Energy Sharks Heating & Air help you with a ductless mini split air conditioner installation that will keep you cool and refreshed without costing you a fortune. Call us today at and let us give you an estimate on your home’s air conditioning needs.

Not sure if a ductless mini split is right for you? Contact our experts to see which type of unit is right for your home.

What Is A Ductless Mini Split AC System?

A ductless mini split AC system is the perfect solution for those people who only need heating and cooling in one room or a small area. These systems are designed to have two primary parts — the compressor that remains outdoors, and the air unit, which remains indoors. What makes these systems so popular among homeowners is that they’re easy to install and maintain. Most of these systems only require a small hole drilled in your wall to allow for the cabling and lines.

Benefits Of A Ductless Split AC System

At Energy Sharks Heating & Air, we understand that different homeowners have different needs when it comes to their cooling systems, which is why we offer a variety of solutions designed to fit your home’s size, needs, and budget.

While a central AC unit is preferred for most people, there are plenty of benefits to installing a ductless split system, including:

  • Flexibility – These ductless systems can be installed in virtually any room of the home to direct cool air where it’s needed most. With central AC systems, you’re stuck with how good or poor the cooling is in any particular room. The ductless system, because it can be installed anywhere, gives you more options for keeping that one particular area as cool as you like it.
  • Cost – As mentioned above, installing a ductless mini split air conditioner is much cheaper than putting in a whole-home central AC unit and all of the ductwork that goes into it. Also, because you’re only cooling one particular area, the energy cost to operate is much lower than a centralized system too.
  • Better Air Quality – It might be hard to believe, but it’s true: sometimes your household air can be worse than the outdoor air. Central air conditioning systems need to be routinely cleaned to ensure you’re breathing in high quality, clean air; if not, you could be breathing in allergens that can inflame allergies and other breathing ailments. Most high quality split AC systems utilize multi-stage filters to ensure you’re getting clean, fresh air delivered into your home.

Is a Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Right for You?

If you have an older home that wasn’t built with a central AC system, and you want something more powerful and more efficient than a window air conditioning unit, then a split AC system might be right for you.

Also, if you’re on a tight budget, and only need cooling in one or two rooms of your home, such as the living room and the bedroom, then you should look into a split air conditioning system.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a system that’s easy to maintain, and offers most of the benefits of a central system without the drawbacks, then a ductless mini split air conditioner may be right for you.

At Energy Sharks Heating & Air, if you’re in the Simpsonville area, we encourage you to call our expert technicians for a no obligation consultation to assess your home’s air conditioning needs. We’ll give you a FREE ESTIMATE on what system is right for you, and how much you can expect to pay.

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