Water Heater Services in Greenville

Do you love shivering in the shower? We didn’t think so… Call for expert water heater services today!

You’re halfway through scrubbing the bubbles out of your hair when suddenly, the water turns icy! A broken water heater can make for a miserable morning routine. But with Energy Sharks Heating & Air, you can get back to steamy showers in a hurry!

Not only do we have expertise in air conditioning and heating, but we also keep water temperatures where they should be. We can help with hot water heater installation, maintenance and repairs in Greenville, SC. With quick work and high standards, we’ll make sure your hot water tank is providing proper temps and pressure every time you turn a faucet!

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Name Brand Water Heaters for Durability

Installing or repairing your hot water heater is a big investment. We want you to get the most for your moolah! To maximize your dollar, we use name brand equipment and replacement parts.

This ensures everything we install has a proven track record. You get quality tanks, components and workmanship, which results in a longer lifespan for your water heater.

Keep the Heat Coming with Water Heater Maintenance

How often do you use hot water in your home? Every time you cook, clean, brush your teeth or bathe, you’re probably cranking the hot water faucet. So reliability is a must on a daily basis!

Flushing the tank that stores your hot water is a good way to clear sediment from your system. This allows pressure to remain strong and your tank to stay structurally sound. Annual maintenance is a great preventative measure to ensure you don’t run into a lack of hot water.

Do I Need to Replace My Hot Water Heater?

Hot water heaters become less efficient over time. If your unit is over a decade old, it’s time for an upgrade. You also might consider upgrading if your family size has grown or your hot water needs have changed recently.

Also, consider your wallet. If you’re looking at repairing your hot water heater, and it will cost more than half the price of a replacement, then it’s best to upgrade. Call one of our water specialists today to get educated on your options!

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Extend the life of your equipment with expert hot water heater services. Call now!