About Us

Rest assured that your home is ready for the season when you call Energy Sharks Heating & Air in Simpsonville and Greenville, SC! Contact us at (864) 263-3730 for more information about pricing and special offers!

Energy Sharks Heating & Air is located right in your backyard. We’re local and we specialize in heating and cooling installations and repairs. For over 40 years, we’ve provided excellent service and quality products to homes all over Simpsonville, Greenville and the surrounding areas. When you have an issue with your HVAC system, there’s no one better to call than us!

We take pride in our company’s core values. Honesty is the most important thing when it comes to our services and we can promise you that you will know exactly what you’re spending up front. Unlike other companies, we don’t have a need to throw in hidden fees that drive the cost of repairs up. You can trust us to go easy on your wallet!

Affordable and Effective

Energy Sharks Heating & Air is the most affordable option for heating and cooling installations, guaranteed. We’ll take any competitor’s price and undercut it by so much, you won’t believe it!

Just because we’re affordable doesn’t mean we’re “cheap” either. The work we do is quick and professional, making sure that your HVAC problems are completely solved before we leave your home. We take a bite out of high prices without taking a bite out of your satisfaction, guaranteed.

Extended Hours for Guaranteed Satisfaction

We are so committed to being there for our customers that we are open on Saturdays, too. Many other companies only work during business days, leaving you stranded over the weekend with a major problem in the home. We promise to show up on any Saturday that you need us to make sure you’re satisfied, business day or not!

Highly Rated and Highly Qualified

Our company currently holds the highest rating given by the Better Business Bureau, an A+ rating. We’re extremely proud to know that our customers believe in our work as much as we do, and we promise to uphold the quality of our work for each and every customer we service.

Our technicians are highly qualified HVAC professionals that know the “ins and the outs” of the industry. Many times, you may have questions that technicians can’t answer about products or services that the company offers; that won’t happen with us! We know that after meeting our team of technicians, you’ll trust them with your installations and repairs as much as we do!

Don’t worry about paying outrageous prices for heating and cooling repairs! Call Energy Sharks Heating & Air at (864) 263-3730