Furnace Repair in Greenville

Prevent furnace breakdowns and expensive repairs! We’ll handle your tune-up today.

When winter rolls around and there’s a chill in the air, furnace reliability is on every homeowners mind. An emergency breakdown doesn’t have to ruin your holiday season. At Energy Sharks Heating & Air, we offer effective repairs to make running your furnace a stress-free experience.

Regular furnace tune-ups are great for preventative maintenance. But when it comes to repairs, we’re all about finding you the right solution. A qualified furnace contractor will pinpoint the problem accurately, while performing quality work for a lasting solution. Need furnace repair in Greenville, SC? Call today for affordable expertise!

Want to prevent a furnace emergency? We provide expert furnace installation!

How Does My Furnace Work?

When your furnace is out of whack, the results are noticeable. Cold spots, high energy bills and strange noises are a few signals that there’s a problem in your system. But how does this complicated piece of equipment work?

To put it simply, your furnace produces warmth by directly heating the indoor air. Your ducts pull air from in the house. The air is then transferred through the heat exchanger (located in the air handler). This warm air is then redistributed into each room.

Common Furnace Problems

With time and use comes general wear and tear on your furnace. Here are common furnace problems we encounter when homeowners call in the winter:

  • Dirty filter
  • Lack of heating
  • Broken components
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Frequent cycling
  • Pilot control issues
  • Electric ignition malfunction
  • Blower running constantly
  • Noisy when operating

Finding an Accurate Diagnosis

We’re not looking to slap a quick band-aid fix on a bigger problem. When you hire Energy Sharks Heating & Air, we look for the most effective solution that fits your budget.

Many things can go wrong with your furnace. From a cracked heat exchanger to a slipped blower belt or worn out bearings, we pay attention to every component. We’ll give you honest advice on which solution will last. This saves you money over time. But it all starts with that initial diagnosis. Need help honing in on the problem? We have furnace technicians available in Greenville, SC.

When life gets a little sticky, consider whole-house dehumidifier installation!

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