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Feeling miserable? How about moist? Yeah, we hate that word too…but it’s a good way to describe that clammy feeling you get when humidity levels are off. In Greenville, SC, sticky days are all too common. Let’s make your home a crisp, cool, and comfortable escape.

Energy Sharks Heating & Air expertly handles dehumidifier installation at a competitive price. Our licensed and insured comfort technicians can help you choose the right system and proper placement. We’ll even walk you through the best practices for using your new dehumidifier!

Need to control more than just the humidity? A ductless mini split AC will let you control temps in every room!

Hazards of High Humidity

Do you know what the average humidity level is in your home? When humidity levels climb higher than 50%, there’s real concern for your family’s health and your home’s condition.

Humidity levels tend to be higher in damp areas of the house, like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. Here are a few undesirable causes of high humidity:

  • Damage to soft surfaces, like carpets and upholstery
  • Deterioration of the structural stability of your home
  • Bugs and bacteria thrive in moist conditions
  • Mold and mildew have an ideal environment for growth
  • Dampness in the air can cause asthma and respiratory problems

Home Dehumidifier Installation

In Greenville, SC, whole-house humidifiers are a popular choice for homeowners. This gives families peace of mind that humidity levels are controlled in every nook and cranny of the home.

If installing a comprehensive, whole-house system isn’t an option, stand-alone humidifiers can be a great addition at an affordable price. This allows you to remove humidity from the rooms you think need it most (bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms are highly recommended).

Need help deciding on the right system for you? Call today for expert advice!

Are Dehumidifiers High-Maintenance?

In our part of the country, dehumidifiers work hard for a good chunk of the year. That means your system sees a lot of wear, tear, dirt and debris over time.

Fortunately, dehumidifiers are generally pretty low maintenance. They last around 8 years with just a little bit of TLC. To keep your AC dehumidifier in great condition, Energy Sharks Heating & Air can perform an annual inspection and maintenance at an affordable price.

Your dehumidifier and AC work together for optimal indoor conditions. Maintain balance with AC tune ups.

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