Greenville, SC Solar Attic Fan Installation

Looking for eco-friendly ways to cool your home? Save money with a solar attic fan. Call now!

Do you love green energy and green in your wallet? Energy Sharks Heating & Cooling is all about finding innovative ways to keep you cool. If you live in a multi-story house or have an attic that bakes in the summer, let us share the benefits of a solar attic fan.

A solar attic fan is an efficient way to ventilate and cool your home that doesn’t cost anything to run. Once installed, these fans only turn on when you need them. And they operate by converting power from the sun. These can be supplemental to your current cooling system or be used on their own. Call today for professional help staying cool in Greenville, SC!

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The Power of Solar Energy

If you’re upgrading your home with greener appliances and products, the big question on your lips is probably “but how well does it work?” Powerful performance is a must if you’re investing in alternative energy solutions.

We’re happy to report that solar attic fans perform just as strongly as their electric competitors. The bonus is a more efficient system that costs nothing to run. Ask our comfort specialists how you can create more effective and affordable cooling in your home!

Stay Safe with Professional Installation

Solar powered attic fan installation is a popular topic for customers in Greenville, SC. They’re quick and easy to install and don’t require wiring like an electrical fan would need, which makes DIY very tempting. However, improper installation can create less desirable results. And you deserve an HVAC system that works reliably and efficiently.

With professional installation, you’re protecting the longevity of your investment. This ensures your equipment works at its best from the get-go! You’ll also avoid unnecessary repairs or a surprise breakdown in the future. There’s also the danger of installing a large, heavy, and complicated piece of equipment. Don’t worry—we’ll handle a hassle and worry-free installation!

What You Can Expect from Us

With a professional attic fan installation contractor, you can expect to hear some very important questions about your home. We want to install an attic fan vent that’s right for your home. We’ll get to know the layout of your home and your cooling desires.

We’ll discuss your options and choose a fan that works with your roof and top floor. We’ll also strategize on how your solar panels will get the maximum amount of sunlight. With a professional, you’ll be confident all the bases are covered

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