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Heating Fire Safety: Ensuring that Furnaces and Heaters are Safe this Winter

Residential Fire Safety Tips

A home fire is a dangerous and terrifying event that is the worst nightmare for many homeowners. As winter approaches, it’s important to be proactive about fire safety and especially heating fire safety.

Heaters are the second most common reason for home fires, with kitchens being the first. The thought of a home fire is a horrific one. To help avoid this whenever possible, implement these heating fire safety tips from HVAC professionals in the area.

Stay on Top of Changing Heater or Furnace Filters

With so many types of maintenance to do around the house, it can be easy to fall behind on some tasks. This can be especially true when it comes to changing air filters. This happens to even the most conscientious homeowner.

Nevertheless, it’s important to stay on top of this maintenance to keep heaters running smoothly, to maintain indoor air quality and to help with fire safety.

heater filter

Regularly changing air filters clears away any flammable materials that may have been caught in the filter. This helps to make heaters just a little safer.

The average air filter should be changed at least every 90 days. However, if a filter is visibly dirty, if the heater is running more than usual, if the home is dustier than usual or if there are strange smells around the heater, it’s a good idea to go ahead and change the air filter.

Space Heater Safety

space heaterAn alarming number of home fires are started by space heaters. If a space heater is absolutely necessary, it’s important to always use extreme caution when using it.

Space heaters should never be left on when no one is home, and there should always be someone attending to a space heater whenever it’s on.

When choosing a space heater, look for those that have either emergency cutoffs or that automatically shut down under certain circumstances.

These are important safety features should a space heater fall or come into contact with certain materials. Any time that a space heater is in use, it’s important to be vigilant and to practice caution.

Review Homeowners’ Insurance

Unfortunately, accidents are just that, accidents. They are not planned and not always avoidable. Even when taking proper safety precautions and staying on top of all maintenance, sometimes things happen.

home insurance

Knowing this, and with the winter months approaching, now is a good time to review insurance plans and ensure that your home’s insurance covers fires. This is one easy way to get a little extra peace of mind and protection.

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