Solar Water Heater, Greer, SC

Solar Hybrid Water Heater Solutions for Homes in Greer, SC

Solar Water Heater Greenville SCA solar hybrid water heater is a great way to provide you and your loved ones with an abundance of readily available heated water without spending a fortune on your energy bill. At Energy Sharks, we are proud to sell and install a premium water heater that uses energy-saving heat pump technology to create one of the most efficient water heating systems available anywhere, simply by capturing heat generated by the sun. If you live in Greer, or any surrounding area in South Carolina, turn to our team of trusted pros to set up your home with this innovative, energy-smart water heating solution.

A typical electric water heater works by using heating elements that can consume up to 4,500 watts of electricity while heating the water for your home. However, a solar hybrid water heater from Energy Sharks can provide the same amount of heated water much more efficiently. That’s because our water heater uses cutting-edge heat pump technology to pull in ambient heat from the surrounding air in your garage or attic to heat the water in the tank, only using the electric elements within the unit when demand for heated water is great. The heat pump in our solar hybrid water heaters can help save you money on your energy bills by heating the water in your home using only around 550 watts of electricity, the energy equivalent of five and a half light bulbs.

Other features of the solar hybrid water heater from Energy Sharks include:

  • 50-gallon capacity
  • Easily programmable settings for a variety of needs, including high demand boost when a larger amount of water is needed and vacation mode to reduce production when you are away from home
  • Made in the USA
  • Eligibility for a federal tax credit
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • And more

Contact Energy Sharks today to speak with a solar power expert. We will be happy to provide any additional information you need about a solar hybrid water heater or any of our other energy-smart options for your home, including solar attic fan options, insulation solutions, and more. Our company is proud to provide reliable advice, top-notch products, and expert installation of home energy efficiency solutions for residents of Greer, and all nearby cities in SC.